Where to start?
I am very well known for talking but I am not that great at talking about myself, not truly. So I am here thinking, what might people like to know?
I have been on long journey and am finally coming full circle now.

I shall start at the beginning as best I can………..

I have always had an affinity with animals, any animal at all, large or small, from a very, very young age I was content to just sit with them, I didn’t need to be cuddling them, riding them, training them etc just to be with them, and they loved just to be with me too. What an amazing feeling just to sit with another soul, no need for words, just sharing energy and the world around us. Animals would naturally gravitate towards me and I would spend hours with them. As I grew up I still had plenty of pets in my lives but less time, isn’t that always the way, so I enjoyed them whenever I could.

I moved to Greece in my late teens, having given birth to my daughter Gabriella and her father being Greek, and out there I didn’t have much contact with animals, we had local cats that I fed and helped however I could and I took in a couple of strays over time but it was sad as they would always end up poisoned and it was heart breaking for myself and my sensitive young daughter each time we lost them. My time in Greece was both my happiest and saddest, I loved my Greek family and they welcomed me with open arms, I loved the way of life and the language and I loved my man. Unfortunately it was the relationship that brought so much sadness, it was toxic, involved domestic violence and destroyed who I was when I first arrived. I returned to my parents and eventually a house of my own and ended my marriage but not without first spending many years trying to find the strength to do so.

During my road to emotional recovery I went down various paths, seeking answers, some bore none but for me the spiritual paths always bore fruit. I learnt Reiki and eventually hunted for the perfect Reiki Master/Teacher to teach me to become a Reiki Master/Teacher, I was blessed to find Frans Stiene of the International House of Reiki (author of the Japanese Art of Reiki and may more such books). My Reiki journey was incredible and brought much healing to me but I still searched for more. I took an animal communication course with one of my Reiki students (the very beautiful soul Claire Hodder) so that I could return to the wonderful animal connections of my childhood. I also completed Crystal courses, immersed my self in things like drumming and trance and enjoyed everything these things had to offer. 

When my daughter turned 18 I finally agreed that if she could afford to then she could finally have the dog she had wanted all these years. I had no idea how my life was about to change! My daughters first dog was a Longhaired Weimaraner called Kodi, and he was my soulmate. When he came home I tried hard to keep a distance emotionally, he was my daughters dog, yes that was one reason but it wasn’t THE reason. THE reason was all the hurt I suffered during my previous relationship, I didn’t want to leave myself open to anyone, not even this beautiful dog, this amazing boy who would do anything to be with me. To make a long story bareably short for you all, over the course of the first two years of his life Kodi never stopped trying to connect to me and little by little he chipped away at my armour until I knew love again, I loved him with all my heart, ever fibre of my being and he loved me, he made me smile, he frustrated me so, he was norty, he was nice, he was everything…..and then he left……we lost him to bone cancer and my world was broken once again. I spent the best part of a year and a half struggling, crying daily then almost daily. 

During Kodi’s life with me he taught so much about energy work on a much deeper level, he was so energy sensitive, he knew about things before they happened and he knew my moods before I even knew them myself. So, whilst Kodi was by my side, I continued my energy work, discovering new things that set my soul alight and during a meditation one day the idea of Meditation, Mutts & Mindfulness was born. When Kodi left I lost all will for anything, I did what I needed to do to get through my days and I did what I needed to do to ensure my work carried on, but no more than that. I longed to not cry and I longed to find my passion and purpose again but it seemed it was lost to me. Lost until an email….

I received several emails before I opened one, I think it was day 4 that I finally opened. Day 4 of Tony Robbins free online 7 day challenge. Free, well why not I thought, I loved Tony Robbins work and I had nothing to lose did I? I signed up, told my daughter about it and she signed up too and we had a brilliant week, immersed in positivity, exercise, meditations, motivations, mindset it was just what I needed. So when it ended and Tony Robbins introduced us all to the idea of his Unleash The Power Within being virtual for the first time ever I signed up! Best 4 days of my life! If you ever get the chance, join in!

and that, my friends is where I am today, fresh out of UPW Virtual, rising from grief, focusing on Meditation, Mutts & Mindfulness and with a passion to help both people and their pets find emotional motion and beautiful balance in life! If I can help you in any way please contact me, I love to connect x