Meditation, Mutts & Mindfulness Academy Online

Exciting times, we have just launched our new only monthly subscription site with early access to podcasts and lives and new information every single month
to take you and your dog forward on your new journey together, learn how to understand your dog and how they work with energy then learn to work with energy yourself!

   These tools are super helpful for every day life but especially beneficial if you have a nervous or reactive dog or are suffering from stress or anxiety yourself.           They can also help in competition environments when nerves tend to affect things and also at place such as the vets. There is no limit to what you can learn         and how far you and your dog can go together.

   Whilst in the academy as your knowledge progresses you will have the opportunity to earn badges to stamp your progress, these badges complete the                 Balance Badges Collective which help you to work through learning your dogs energy systems as a whole and also your own. 

Become a Bronze or Silver member today

Priority access to Holistic Dog Podcasts
Access to our unlisted YouTube
live broadcasts
Access to our FB group with support and streams
Receive access to our holistic dog podcasts via your Holistic Dog Podcasts unit within your online membership 14 days prior to their release on Spotify and Apple
Lives will focus on anything and everything related to your energetic journey with your dog. They will be open to suggestions from members on the kind of content you would like to see covered as well as our own unique topics
A community area where you can ask questions, enjoy the company of like minded people and grow with your dog on this new journey you’re taking. There will also be a Telegram channel for those using the app.