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You will need to contact me initially to arrange to complete forms and join a free trial session first then you may return to purchase this subscription.
You can contact me at or use the 
CONTACT ME page on this website or call me on 07917 445830.

For a monthly fee of £80 per month* you can access as many as 3 Meditation, Mutts & Mindfulness 121 online sessions per month, plus bonus sessions as and when they are available. You will also have access to our Emotional Motion Mastery Telegram Channel and early bird access to new content (releases of meditations, pdfs etc)

Meditation, Mutts & Mindfulness sessions will be available evenings and weekends, plus bonus sessions as and when available.

Once you have subscribed you will be sent all the information you require, however if you experience any issues at all with this please just use the contact page form to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Subscriptions are rolling subscriptions, it is your responsibility to cancel these in a timely fashion should you wish to cease your subscription, refunds will not be issued because you forgot to notify/cancel in time.