MMM Weekly Dog & Owner Meditation Sessions

Sessions are normally hosted via an app which can be downloaded and installed in advance to smartphones, tablets and computers in advance making everything super quick and easy!

It costs just £5.00 to join a group session and you can book in using the link below.

If you wish to discuss anything with me prior to
 your appointment date and time please feel free to call me on 07917445830 or email me on or message via my contact page.

I have all sorts of dogs and handlers attending for all sorts of reasons, these sessions have a really profound and positive effect on the dogs that attend and I have seen a real difference in many dogs in just one session.

These sessions run every Friday night at 8pm and every Thursday morning at 10am, they cost £5 to join in and take place on zoom.

These sessions are recorded and if you are would rather not be recorded you can simply leave your camera and mic off during the sessions.  When registering there is an image waiver tick box, this is because these sessions can be invaluable to my teachings and also useful for advertising / showing others what these sessions are about. You are free to turn off your camera any time and mics are generally muted to prevent disruption of too much background noise whilst I host the session. 

Length of the sessions will vary but are a minimum of half an hour. 

When you join a group Zoom session your mic is automatically muted so that during sessions everyone can enjoy the quiet without a mix of everyones background noise creating too much feedback and to enable everyone to hear me, however you may use the chat facility at any time to raise an issue. In addition the option to have your camera turned on will be entirely up to you, although I encourage connecting via camera it isn’t a requirement for joining in!

If you are not sure if these sessions will be suitable for you or if you would like more information please feel free to give me a call for a chat on 07917 445830 or email me on

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If you come and enjoy the sessions then why not consider joining our online Meditation, Mutts & Mindfulness Academy and work towards your balance badges such as “Quantum Dog” as you gain knowledge in energy work, meditation, mindfulness and much more.

You can currently join for just £35 for the whole month! Includes regular weekly live meditations, priority podcast access, closed online group, guest interviews, Q&A’s and much more! Bargainous!

Please, don’t just take my word for it….

Just had my first online session with Nina. Was a bit worried as to how it would pan out as had enjoyed the previous face to face sessions so much and gained such a lot from them. Absolutely no need to have worried though as it was a fab session. Nina took so much time to ensure everything was set up properly before we started and that I was comfortable etc. It was lovely. Am having a really tough time at the moment and had not realised how much stress and tension this had caused. By the end of the session, I felt so much better, a lot more relaxed and all three of my dogs were snoring their heads off! The added bonus was not then having a 35 minute journey to get home! Would highly recommend the new online version of Meditation, Mutts & Mindfulness. Possessing an amazing gift for putting you at ease straight away and are so kind, caring and understanding. Thank you so much. Looking forward to the next one already!
Lisa Hardy
Owner of lovely Lewis, Marlowe & Bacchus