FAB! Such an important thing to be aware of and to work towards!

Alignment for us and our dogs is crucial, alignment is when we operate from our true centre, our energetic/vibrational self knows exactly how to align if we can allow it to do so.

When we can adjust to life’s flow and learn to go with that flow and when we can manage balance and learn to find and work with our true centre we can achieve alignment and we can help our dogs do the same.


When our dogs are able to flow with life, they can accept situations for what they are, they are not carrying forward from the past or predicting what’s to come they are ‘in the now’.

We can think of our dogs’ experiences, learning, DNA and other things that affect flow as pebbles in their stream of life, the more we can help to remove those pebbles, the more we are able to restore the flow of their stream, their life flow. The fewer pebbles in their stream the easier the flow and the more they can approach things from the ‘now’.

We can help them to remove their blocks/pebbles by teaching them to experience the now, working actively with them as the vibrational energy beings that they are, we start with simple things such as stopping on walks, allowing them to ‘just be’, to stand and watch, to smell, to feel what they need to feel and allow those experiences to move through them and be processed instead of trying to ask them to focus on us or complete tasks.

Balance in life will be different for all dogs, just like people dogs have different vibrational energetic states, emotional needs, cognitive abilities, physical constraints etc

If you think of people you know, some are sociable, some seek their own company, some super interested in doing all the time, some wishing to just enjoy lots of downtimes. Dogs are the same, movements such as enrichment have been great for canines but as with lots of things within canine care we tend to adopt a blanket approach, we have trends for our dogs that are led by what we see on social media etc but the effect will be so individual to the dogs.

For instance, one might think that for a dog with an inability to relax that has lots of pent up vibrational energy, frustration etc a food scatter mat might give them focus but actually for that individual it might add more frustration, trying to find the kibble as opposed to having it fed directly from the bowl where they can pick it up and eat with ease. One size does not fit all for dogs just like it doesn’t for humans.

So to help our dog find their balance we must learn to understand their needs and appreciate their wants and adjust our guardianship to fulfil what we can and find suitable workable alternatives for things that aren’t compatible with our circumstances etc.

We also need to understand they are emotional beings and appreciate this when we are dealing with issues that they may be experiencing or behaviours we are seeing that we need to help them navigate. To do this, we once again need to look at being the observer, not the captain of the ship, to allow them to show and teach us instead of being solely focused on what we feel we need to show and teach them. We need to understand that their actions are nowhere near as important as their reactions. Of course, teaching sit or stay have their place but the mechanics of the action shouldn’t be our focus but the vibrational energy and emotions of the dog as it completes that action. A dog that can do a 10-minute sit-stay whilst stressed out and anxious but holding itself together should never be as desirable to us as a dog that can do a 10-second sit-stay with ease, confidence and joy!

This is what sits between flow and balance, when we can find our centre point for those two things we become aligned and it is the same for our canine companions.

So how can we help our dogs?

We can help them by learning about and understanding vibrational energy, by learning and understanding techniques and tools such as meditation and mindfulness and actively working with our dogs in those states, by helping them to experience ‘now’ and ‘being’ by helping them to return to their centred state where they can feel in their energy what it feels like to feel secure, to remind them they are connected to everything around them and to show them they can master their own energy once more.

If you want to learn more about what vibrational energy is (it is the universal energy that makes up everything, including us – think quantum physics – and that energy is interacting with us and our dogs all day every day and vice versa, the energy is all one, connected, everywhere) and how to work with your dog using energy, meditation and mindfulness feel free to visit my FB page or website www.meditationmuttsmindfulness.co.uk or my Instagram https://www.instagram.com/meditationmuttsmindfulness/ or check out my monthly subscription online academy that includes weekly online mediation meets for owners and dogs – https://confidentcanine.teachable.com/p/meditation-mutts-mindfulness-academy