My first NOTCH

My first NOTCH from my Meditation, Mutts and Mindfulness collection arrived today ❤️

The one I chose was ‘My dog believes in me’.

I chose it for many reasons, for when we compete, to remind me its not about me but about my dog. For when I don’t want to speak up, having been in an abusive relationship in the past I can find this hard, to remind me that I’m not doing it for me I’m speaking up for my dog. For when I lack confidence, I have never turned to my dog and seen her distrust, she believes in me, she knows I have her back… always. For when I am overwhelmed because when I think of my dog I know everything will always be OK ❤️

I also added an infinity symbol to my NOTCH, to remind me we are all one, all energy, connected in the infinite 🙏

There are one of two more I know I want to add but life is a journey not a destination so I’ll add more as they feel right to do so 😊

Our collection comprises of NOTCH beads that:

  • Serve as meditation, energy and mindful reminders for life with dogs and training dogs
  • Dog-related quotes to carry with you
  • Memoriam phrases to remember your special dog(s)

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